Brands Award 2022

: 07/07/2022
Grana Padano Stick 125g Oro del Tempo Agriform wins the prestigious 2022 New entry Brands Award!
The special New Entry rating by Brands Award, reserved for products launched in retail outlets of the Organized Distribution from 1 January to 15 May 2022, is aimed at giving visibility to new products on the GDO market

The award recognizes the great work done to combine dairy excellence with the dynamics of large-scale retail, proposing innovative products that can respond to the needs of a wide and diverse target.

This is the goal of the new range of Agriform products, which includes Grana Padano Dop Stick 125g Oro del Tempo, a bar of Grana Padano Riserva aged over 20 months, with no rind, and with a practical and innovative package.

The Oro del Tempo brand distinguishes a selection of strictly PDO products, the top of excellence in Italian gastronomic culture, where only the best wheels, produced in compliance with traditional dairy techniques, are selected by experts to continue maturing, which makes these cheeses unique and special. In fact, all the references of Grana Padano in the Oro del Tempo range are marked Riserva and aged over 20 months.

Agriform products are the result of the work of some of the most important dairies in northern Italy, and of an accurate supply chain control, which guarantees quality and traceability. It responds to every need of taste and use, offering unique products on the market. Seventeen references of Grana Padano PDO and four of Veneto PDO specialties: many different formats, with a unique flavor, designed to unite people and consumption.

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Brands Award 2022
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