: 01/07/2020


The Company The Company
Agriform partners with some of the most important cooperative dairies in Northeastern Italy. By directly controlling all phases of the production chain, it is committed to applying the most correct methods in order to obtain the highest quality products. Agriform cheeses are the result of a territory historically dedicated to top quality dairy production, in strict compliance with traditional techniques and careful selection.
Commitment and passion have led Agriform to be today a leading company in the landscape of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses, and the first Venetian company in the sector of Grana Padano, Asiago, Piave and other regional PDO cheeses.

Ambassador of Made in Italy, thanks to its distribution network, Agriform exports to more than 50 foreign markets, which accounts for more than half of its annual turnover. With its "Oro del Tempo" brand, it offers a selection of typical long-aged cheeses, whose maturation is controlled directly within the company by expert "master cheesemakers".


Agriform’s beating heart are the people: men and women who with their work, their history, traditions, the connection with their territory, and the values ​​that have been handed down from generation to generation, have made it the main cooperative company in the North East of Italy for PDO cheeses.

An important milestone but also a commitment that Agriform intends to renew day after day.


With a turnover of approximately 150 million Euro, Agriform has become the top company in Veneto for Grana Padano cheese and typical regional PDO cheeses. The company has an annual movement of approximately 350,000 wheels of Grana Padano, 40,000 of Parmigiano Reggiano, 200,000 of Asiago and more than 120,000 wheels between Piave, Montasio and Monte Veronese cheeses. 
Agriform is the leading Veneto company in the export of Made in Italy dairy products. Exporting to over 50 countries around the world, including the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Spain, and Australia, 53% of its turnover is due to foreign sales.

Board of Directors
Chairman: Domenico Basso
Vice chairman: Alessandro Mocellin
Counselors: Maurizio Cortese, Marco Pasetto, Augusto Guerriero, Renato Guerra
CEO: Nisio Paganin
Board of Auditors
Chairman: Lucio Leoni
Regular Auditors: Alessandro Giolai, Domenico Grazioli
Substitute Auditors: Eugenio Rigon, Riccardo Zaccone

Corporate Capital = 10.051.861 euro
Net Assets = 13.213.441 euro
2019 Turnover  = 177.439.374 euro
Data as of 31/12/2019


In order to align its control system with the needs expressed by Legislative Decree 231/2001 and to further strengthen its governance systems, Agriform S.c.a. has deemed it appropriate to start a special project aimed at adapting the risk prevention and management system inspired by both the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001 and to the principles already rooted in the corporate governance culture as well as to the indications contained in the Confindustria guidelines.
The project ended with the adoption by Agriform S.c.a. of the "Model 231", which took place with resolution of the Board of Directors on March 05, 2015, and entrusted a Supervisory Body with the task of verifying its operation. This Body is composed of:
Avv. Letizia Guidi (President)
Dr. Alessandro Giolai
Dr. Lucio Leoni
The following tasks have been assigned to this body:
To verify the efficiency and effectiveness of Model 231 also in terms of compliance between the operating methods put in practice and the procedures formally provided by Model 231 itself;
To monitor compliance with the principles contained in the Code of Ethics;
To verify the persistence over time of the efficiency and effectiveness requirements of Model 231;
To take care of, develop and promote the constant updating of Model 231.
The Code of Ethics adopted clearly and transparently defines the set of values to which Agriform S.c.a. is inspired by and has been prepared to establish clear rules of conduct for carrying out work.
This code must be considered binding for the Company and for the behavior of its employees and collaborators.
Agriform S.c.a. also requires that all the Subjects that interact with it (for such meaning, for example, suppliers, customers and third parties in general) comply with a conduct in line with the general principles of the code, without prejudice to respect for religious, cultural and social characteristics.
The Code of Ethics and the Principles of Model 231 distributed to the whole organization are available in PDF format.
It is important that each Person, who in various capacities relates to the Company, looks at this material to give substance to the principles of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics and is also invited to report behaviors contrary to the principles contained in them through the Supervisory Body (, in a non-anonymous form, in full protection of confidentiality.
Code of Ethics


Agriform’s social structure includes some of the largest dairy cooperatives in the Veneto region, with more than 1000 partner farms. Agriform’s partners are a direct representation of primary production, being invested in directly by farmers in their respective geographical areas.  A partner in the area of finance, an economic branch of Confcooperative, takes also part in the activities of the cooperative as founding member.and subsidiary partner.

  • Lattebusche
  • Latterie Vicentine
  • Cooperativa Agr. S. Vittoria
  • Latte Montagna Alto Adige
  • Caseificio soc. Canalone
  • Latteria soc. di Trìssino

  • Agriform Headquarters (VR)
  • Agriform - Busseto (PR)
  • Lattebusche - Busche di Cesiomaggiore (BL)
  • Lattebusche Sandrigo (VI)
  • Lattebusche S.Pietro in Gù (PD)
  • Lattebusche Chioggia (VE)
  • Lattebusche Camazzole (PD)
  • Latt. Vicentine Bassano (VI)
  • Latt. Vicentine Bressanvido (VI)
  • Carpaneto Piacentino (PC)
  • Latte Montagna Alto Adige – Brunico (BZ)
  • Cortemaggiore(PC)
  • Trissino (VI)


Agriform’s strenght has always been the connection with the Veneto region, reflecting the soul of its region through its products.
Made with particular attention to the protection of the territory, to history, to the raw materials used, and the original production methods, Agriform’s products are the result of experience, skill and professionalism, cutting-edge technologies and quality controls on all thought all production phases.
The Veneto region


The variety of the Veneto landscape charms and seduces, giving visitors wonderful glimpses of nature, and a precious slice of history, architecture, art and civilization.
From the world-famous Venice, with its numerous canals, bridges, gondolas and the splendid St. Mark’s square, to Verona with the majestic Arena and the romantic Juliet’s House; from Padua, a gem rich in history, which Giotto's paintings made famous, to Vicenza and the majestic architecture of Andrea Palladio; from Treviso with its Signori Square to Rovigo with the Po River Delta, its villas, rural villages and ancient towns, to Belluno, where the city center with its splendid buildings gives way to the Dolomite mountains: seven charming art cities that make Veneto a cultural and historic pearl known throughout the world.
A land rich in history, culture and ancient traditions, but also a land dedicated to hard work that knew exactly how to combine the strong bond with the territory with a healthy private and cooperative entrepreneurial spirit.  It’s this double identity that has allowed the Veneto region to achieve its agri-food excellence known throughout the world (for example: Vialone nano rice, oil from Lake Garda, Treviso Red Radicchio).
An excellence that has been particularly strong in the dairy sector with Protected Designation of Origin cheeses: Grana Padano, Asiago, Piave, Montasio, and Monte Veronese.

La zona di produzione del Grana Padano DOP coincide in larga parte con la regione della Pianura Padana nei suoi territori a nord del fiume Po. Interessa ben 5 Regioni, dal Piemonte al Veneto, fino all’Emilia Romagna.
Nel Veneto la zona d’origine comprende le sei province di pianura (esclusa Belluno), anche se oltre il 95% della produzione è concentrata nelle province di Vicenza, Verona e Padova.

La zona di produzione del Parmigiano Reggiano comprende le province di Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna alla sinistra del fiume Reno e Mantova alla destra del fiume Po. In questa zona avviene la produzione del latte, la trasformazione in formaggio e la sua porzionatura.

Il formaggio Piave viene prodotto esclusivamente nella provincia di Belluno, nella parte più settentrionale del Veneto, incuneata tra il Trentino Alto Adige ed il Fiuli Venezia Giulia. È in questa zona, dominata dalle famose e suggestive cime dolomitiche, che scorre il leggendario fiume Piave che dalla sua sorgente sul Monte Peralba nella parte più settentrionale della provincia e passando per il Cadore e il Feltrino incontra la pianura ai piedi delle prealpi venete.

L’asiago si produce nella zona che va dalla pianura padana agli alpeggi dell'Altopiano di Asiago e del Trentino. La zona di raccolta del latte e di produzione del formaggio Asiago DOP tocca quattro province: l’intero Vicentino e Trentino ed una piccola parte del Padovano e Trevigiano.

La zona di produzione del formaggio Montasio comprende due Regioni:
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: tutto il territorio delle province di Udine, Pordenone, Gorizia e Trieste:
  • Veneto: tutto il territorio delle province di Treviso e Belluno ed in parte le province di Venezia e Padova

Il Monte Veronese è un formaggio di montagna proveniente dalle prealpi circostanti la città scaligera. Un territorio che dalla zona montana della Lessinia si estende a molteplici zone della provincia settentrionale di Verona.
Blocco 07 - Zone d'origine


Agriform has chosen to primarily dedicate its work to Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheeses. The choice in marketing PDO cheeses means protecting and promoting the excellence of Italy’s agricultural and food culture, acknowledging and appreciating tradition, as well as safeguarding the variety of the production locations and the authenticity of the tastes.


PDO (DOP in Italian) is the legal protection trademark attributed by the European Union to those foods whose quality characteristics depend essentially or exclusively on the territory in which they were produced and therefore cannot be imitated outside a specific production area.

A uniqueness that comes from the combination of natural factors (climate, environmental, geological, and agronomical characteristics) as well as human factors (tradition, production techniques handed down over time, craftsmanship) of the geographical area.

In order for a product to be able to use the PDO mark, the production, transformation and processing phases must take place in a defined geographical area. This product must adhere to strict production rules established in the production specifications that are guaranteed by a specific supervisory body.

This European Community recognition is a guarantee which ensures that the consumer is purchasing quality food meeting the determined requirements and produced in compliance with precise specifications..

The PDO mark ensures:

1. Reliability, because it relates to products regulated by Italian and EU laws.
2. Traceability, since the products come from a geographically defined area.
3. Link with the territory, since the products are obtained using traditional methods and have particular characteristics due to a close link between product and territory.
4. Typical nature, meaning that the product is obtained by respecting the traditional production method and processing methods that maintain the products typical nature.
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