Cheese Academy

: 12/22/2021
An important project carried out by Agriform in collaboration with UniPD and CHELAB within the NIP project
An important project carried out by Agriform in collaboration with UniPD and CHELAB within the NIP, the new industrial plan of the Veneto dairy that ended in 2021, was the creation of a "Cheese Academy" in the Veneto region. A knowledge center of the sector, with particular regard to the data flow of the Veneto region, born from the need to collect, preserve and develop the best of skills in the dairy sector at a sensory, humanistic, scientific and technological level.
 The "Cheese Academy" will operate on three levels such as aggregation, dissemination of knowledge and comparison between the productive world, the scientific world and the community. In fact, the first step will be the development of a database on the production, processing and marketing of dairy products containing updated information regarding the regional production reality and a mapping of the laboratories.
The activities will take the form of actions to collect technical knowledge, marketing, distribution in Italy and abroad and to train professionals at all levels of the supply chain and amateurs from all over the world in order to spread among consumers the ability to recognize the quality of Veneto dairy products and to identify their history and traditions of excellence.
Cheese Academy
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